10 things: Why Eddie Redmayne is a fantastic beast of a human

I’ll admit it: Eddie Redmayne was my teenage crush. At my rural all-girls school, my friends and I prolifically adorned our pin-boards with pictures of this magnificent creature. We spent our school-nights debating for hours whether his hair was ginger or brown or golden. It didn’t matter, his hair was perfect. One friend in particular claimed him as her own; her (very persuasive) line of argument was that she and Mr Redmayne were soulmates because both had ginger hair, studied History of Art, and knew people who went to Eton.


Our fervour peaked in 2012, to coincide with the release of the WWI TV Mini-Series, Birdsong. We gathered together to enjoy/oogle his performance/good looks. We were obsessed. We were meant to be (yes in a collective sense – I don’t think we figured out who had priority). We shared the same interests: Eddie performed as Angel Clare in the BBC TV Mini-Series Tess of the D’Urbervilles; one of our number played Angel Clare in the School Production of Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Yes, Angel was being performed by a girl; I said, it was an-all girls school. (Side note: the school once imported a boy for the role of Danny in Grease, and he pretty much had a nervous breakdown). Eddie excelled at donning-tights in various period dramas and so did we (they were part of our uniform). Eddie specialised in the Tudors (think The Other Boleyn Girl and Elizabeth I), and we were trying to; the Tudor period accounted for much of our history A Level syllabus.

Since then, Eddie has propelled himself into the mainstream, with fame-inducing roles including Maruis in Les Misérables, Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, and Einar Wegner in The Danish Girl. He has won Oscars, for goodness sake. Meanwhile, my group of friends have also achieved: we have all passed our A Levels.


The recent release of Fantastic Beasts of and Where to Find Them, however, has rekindled my love-affair. Here’s 10 (of many) reasons why he is so fantastic:

1. His face.

2. He is an incredible actor. All of Eddie’s performances are critically acclaimed. His work traverses time and gender – pretty impressive. He has won all the awards: Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTA awards, etc.

3. Redmayne gushes over his wife #strongfamilyvalues. But not like Ryan Reynolds whose adoration of his wife, Blake Lively, makes my stomach churn. Although she is pretty hot, tbh.

4. He loves Hazza. He even stands up for Hufflepuffs.

5. Seriously. His beauty. Not many men can pull off Tudor garb.

6. He is super smart. He went to Cambridge.

7. He can sing. You’ve seen Les Misérables and his rendition of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.

8. He doesn’t mind looking like an idiot. Whether acting out animals on Ellen or singing  and dancing Oliver! on The Graham Norton Show, he seems to enjoy mucking around and having a laugh.

9. He’s a wizard bloke. A gentleman one might say. An extremely affable fellow who is incredibly modest. And he gets pissed with journalists.

10. Did I mention how attractive he is?

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