London: 8 places (slightly) off the beaten track

Here are some of the places that I have been to recently (or hope to go to) and would really recommend. They are neither expensive, nor difficult to get to: you have no excuse!

  1. Battersea Park: Described in hallowed terms as “the most underrated tourist attraction in London” by one friend, the park is home fun activities and events – from Google’s Christmas party to The Telegraph’s Ski and Snowboarding Exhibition. It’s child (both big and small) friendly – with a children’s playground, rowing on the lakes, a land train, cycling and a children’s zoo.
  1. Shoreditch – all of it! It’s so cool! I did not know this area of London existed until I moved here! I recommend Homeslice Pizza (they are too cool even for knives and forks!), the cool pop-ups and pubs in the Old Street Roundabout, and all the overpriced hipster shops.


  1. Café in the Crypt: This café – complete with tombs and whipping post – is situated below St. Martin-in-the-fields church, just next to Trafalgar Square. It is incredibly good value, and aims to be as sustainable and local as possible in its food choices: win-win. They also put on a cracking Christmas meal.


  1. Colombia Road Flower Market: This year-round market is open on Sunday mornings 8am-3ish and is a real London institution. It’s crammed with stalls, punters, and barrow boys – as well as an ‘oasis foliage and flowers.’ It also boasts some quirky and quaint shops, cafés, and restaurants which are well worth a visit.


  1. The Word on the Water: This is the one I have not been to yet! The word on the water is a bookshop on a boat floating somewhere along the Thames – how cool is that? Find out more information here.
  1. Pergola on the RoofA pop up restaurant with a plethora of different eateries – all transformed into a beautiful Nordic forest with all the fairly-lights you could ever imagine. It’s closed now for winter, but keep an eye out on social media for updates – they will be back in the Spring.


  1. Watch Nice Fish the play: Bizarre. Abstract. Rambling. It’s fun to go see something slightly different; it’s a play more thought-provoking than the standard Mamma Mia performance (mainly trying to figure out what the play is actually about). It’s free to watch if you dress up as a Fish or a fisherman.

  1. Wardour Street, Soho: This street has every kind of food you could ever want. (Yes, dreams can come true) Another amazing- you-have-to-visit restaurant is the pizzeria and Italian bakery, Princi. It’s mainly based in Milan, but has one branch on Wardour Street. It also does deliveries – just FYI.

Yes – most of my favourite things revolved around food. #sorrynotsorry. I am excited to know more of London/eat my way through it, and will keep you updated on my journey!

Next on my list include: Pimlico farmer’s market, Spitafields market, The Word on the Water, and Mildred’s vegetarian restaurant. I will keep you updated!

Where else should I be headed?

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